Audio-visual Art

Flux (2023)

Site-specific audiovisual installation for the Flux Festival of Lights in Aarhus 2023.

Incanto (2023)

Site-specific audiovisual installation for the Copenhagen Light Festival 2023.

Incanto - Copenhagen Light Festival 2023

Performance per Sonora (2022)

Digital artworks of lights in the courtyard of a late sixteenth-century palace for the evening opening of the Sonora exhibition.

Floating Lights (2022)

A site-specific audio-visual installation for the Copenhagen Light Festival 2022 (selected project, not realized)

Supported by electronic soundscape the kinetic movement of hundreds of multiform and multicoloured, abstract textures, floating over the surface of a corner of the channel of the Copenhagen Harbor and illuminating the surrounding urban environment, turns into an immersive art experience.

Fields of Lights (2021)

An immersive art experience through a three stages circular path in the Chianti countryside

– A dream in Tuscany:
The typical Tuscan landscape features (cypresses, vineyards and olive groves) are painted with multiform and multicoloured digital textures.

– In a blink of an eye:
An ever-changing and mesmerising vision emerges from a large screen of poplar trees through a multitude of eyes open wide.

– Abstract lights for an olive trees hillside:
The slope of an olive tree hillside turns out to be the abstract painter’s palette.

Fields of Lights (2020)

An open-air exhibition set up in the typical and scenic landscape of Chianti region, Italy, and composed of three different but complementary stages:

– Invigna (Into the vineyard): A dream-like maze into a vineyard outlined by a line of cypresses and an olive grove.

– Interludio: Geometrical textures for a carpet of grass and leaves in an uncultivated field bordered by olive trees.

– Trees of Lights: Kinetic movements of abstract visions on a wide screen of tall and leafy poplar trees.

Trees of Lights (2018)

Scenes taken from the 20-minute audio-visual installation “Trees of Lights”, a site-specific project created for a widescreen of tall aspen trees and displayed at Podere Rialto, Cerbaia (Florence, Italy) in July and September 2018.